love-long day

lucid dreaming, part one

She’s driving in the desert — top down, a vast expanse of sand punctuated by rocks and shrubs as far as she can see to her right, and red, variegated cliffs towering over her to the left — when she realizes she’s dreaming. She smiles to herself and thinks the car faster without touching the pedal, makes the road wider but no smoother than it had been moments before. The packed sand and gravel beneath her car’s wheels makes the car twitch and pulse, a gentle vibration that she allows to move into her body, arousing her gently as she steers the car beneath the cliff. The dreamy sky overhead ceases its roiling and settles into a warm, low haze. As she rounds the next bend, she smiles — there in the dusty distance are two men she put there, waiting knowingly for a ride.

She brings the car to a stop in front of them and they grin at her. She smiles back, laughs in delight, and waits as one of the men pulls open the passenger door to climb in next to her while the other hops over the side of the car and slides in behind her. The car picks up speed again and the road straightens, the cliffs falling away as they hurtle towards the horizon, the sun hovering just above it, deep and red, an indefinite sunset.

Her attention shifts to the rearview mirror, where she watches as the man seated behind her unbuttons his shirt, slowly revealing his muscular chest. As he pulls the shirt down off of his shoulders, his eyes catch hers in the mirror and lock on. He pulls his arms out of the sleeves and holds his shirt above his head, letting it catch the breeze and disappear in the dust behind them. Her eyes shift to his chest. His nipples harden in the warm breeze, and she feels her own nipples tingle against the fabric of her dress. Oh, to feel those rough hands cover her breasts, pinch her nipples between thumb and forefinger — but not yet. She teases herself, grinning, and watches in the mirror as the man behind her touches his own nipples, rolling them gently and not gently between his fingers, closing his eyes lightly as he does so.

The man next to her, in the passenger seat, has turned to face her, his gaze drifting down her body, resting briefly on her parted lips, her erect nipples visible through the thin fabric of her dress, her hips. He rubs his crotch gently through his jeans and she watches the bulge that presses against his fly slowly grow. She dares herself to keep her hands on the wheel, resisting the temptation to touch the men or herself. Not just yet.

In the distance, a building appears, low, made of wood and stone. She steers the car towards it, stealing glances at the men. The man behind her is biting his lip, squeezing one nipple between his fingers while his other hand presses against his abdomen, fingers dipping below his waistband, towards the erection she can see pressing against his jeans. The man in the passenger seat is moaning, staring at her body openly, rubbing his cock through his jeans. She moans, too, at the sight, raising her hips, but she keeps her hands on the wheel as the building approaches and she brings the car to a stop in front of it.

She climbs out and the men follow, spreading out behind her like predators stalking prey. As she walks up the wide steps to the building’s entrance, her dress moves against her body, making each step feel like a caress. She doesn’t make a note of the building’s contents — it will populate itself in time, she knows — just walks in, stops, and waits, nearly trembling with anticipation.

The men approach simultaneously, one from behind her and the other stepping around to face her. They pause for a moment a step away from her and then the man in front of her — the man who rode in the passenger seat — moves towards her and touches her chin, lifting her face to kiss her, first gently and then, as her mouth opens to meet his, with more passion, his tongue sliding against hers, cutting off her moan.

The man behind her wraps his arms around her hips, pressing her dress against her skin as he slides his hands down her sides and over her belly, reaching towards her groin. He squeezes the place where her hips meet her torso, his mouth near her ear as he inhales her scent. He gently kisses her neck and wraps his hands over the back of her hands, interlacing their fingers at her side. The other man raises his hands to her face, cupping her cheeks as he kisses her, then moves the fingers of one hand along her jaw and down to her neck. He spreads his hand lightly across her throat and then gently squeezes, lifting upward slightly so she tips her head back, exposing more of her throat. She gasps, clutching the other man’s fingertips in her palms. A shiver runs through her and in her head a litany begins: yes yes more more yes yes — but the men keep their movements slow and confident, taking their time.

The man in front of her keeps his hand on her throat and she rises onto her toes, moaning as he kisses her and bites her lower lip. The man at her back nips at the skin above her collarbone as he presses his hips into hers, then pulls her arms back, bringing them together at the wrist behind her. He spreads his fingers, extracting his hands from her grasp, and wraps one hand around both wrists, holding them behind her at her ass. With his other hand he gathers up her skirt, exposing her groin to the room’s thick air. The man kissing her separates from her for a moment, his hand on her throat the last touch to leave her, and the man behind her pulls the dress up and over her head, letting it slide down her arms, holding her wrists briefly in his free hand before reinstating his grip with the other. Her dress falls to the floor and disappears, forgotten.

She barely has time to gasp as the breeze hits her bare breasts before the other man is kissing her again, one hand back on her throat, the other tangled in her hair. The man behind her squeezes her wrists tightly while his other hand wanders up and down her side, stroking her skin lightly. He traces gentle circles with his fingertips and then curls his fingers, pressing harder so his fingernails scrape her skin as he pulls his hand down to her hip.

She gasps and struggles experimentally against his grasp of her wrists, and his grip tightens. He laughs and she smiles too. What will happen next? Visions of possibilities dance in her head. Will the man in front of her use her hair or her nipples to pull her onto her knees? Will the man behind her hold her still while his friend fucks her throat, or will he tease her cunt, refusing to fill it until his friend has had her fill of her mouth? Will they strap her to a bed or the wall and fuck her hard, mouth and cunt and ass, or will they lick her clit until she’s about to come and then stop, over and over? Will they hit her? Oh, god, she hopes they’ll hit her. As if in answer to her thought, the man behind her squeezes her ass, hard, and then slaps it with an open palm.

She moans loudly, and the man kissing her pulls away, grinning down at her and moving his hands to her breasts. The man behind her grabs her hair, pulling her head back so she’s forced to look up at the man in front of her, making eye contact as he finds her nipples with his fingers, taking them between thumb and forefinger and abruptly twisting. Her knees buckle and both men guide her to the floor between them, her arms still held behind her in one man’s grasp. They bring her to her knees, and the man in front of her pulls her forward by her nipples, then pushes her against the floor so her cheek is pressed to it and her ass raised up behind her, her hands pulled to one side by the man behind her, her body twisted slightly and trembling in anticipation.

The man who was kissing her stands and steps back, regarding her. Her eyes follow him as best they can. He steps around her, and as he does, the floor below her shifts, raising her up, so that she finds herself on a table level with the men’s hips. She smiles at the sight of the hard bulges pressing against the fabric of their pants, and then the man not holding her wrists slaps her ass, hard, and her eyes close as she cries out. Instantly that same hand is caressing her skin gently, floating over the small of her back and dipping lightly between her ass cheeks. It’s joined by the man’s other hand, exploring her thighs and buttocks, moving teasingly near her dripping wet cunt, and then a third hand strokes her legs, and the hands stroke her skin until she can’t tell where one stroke ends and the other picks up, and she’s lifting her hips, raising them into the air, hoping for firmer touch, hoping for a touch on her clit or her cunt.

things about which I enjoy fantasizing (part one?)

  • being seduced by two men, one of them wrapping his arms around me from behind and kissing my neck while the other approaches from in front of me and leans in for a kiss.
  • being teased mercilessly without release until I am beyond words.
  • being forced mercilessly to endure orgasm after orgasm without respite until I am beyond words.
  • being hooked up to a machine or device of some sort that will, without ever tiring, tease me or force me to orgasm endlessly.
  • being watched by men while the above happens.
  • being displayed; being used to demonstrate female sexual response for an impassive mixed-gender audience.
  • being bound for the purposes of being used casually by strangers at a party.
  • masturbating in the woods.
  • being found by a man while masturbating in the woods; seeing his cock harden in his pants; watching him pull it out and begin to stroke himself.
  • fucking against a tree.
  • being bound to a tree or log and left to be found and used by strangers.
  • wearing an insertable remote-control vibrator all day; being teased and brought to orgasm unexpectedly at inopportune moments.
  • wearing an insertable remote-control vibrator all day; being teased and never brought to orgasm.
  • being teased underneath the table at a nice dinner.
  • stroking a hard cock underneath the table at a nice dinner; trying to embarrass my dining partner at inopportune moments.
  • giving him a blowjob under the table for dessert.
  • being stuffed full of cocks: one in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth, two in my hands.
  • pegging; watching my partner’s face while I fuck him.

a story

"I’m gonna get you so aroused you’ll beg me to let you come, and I’m going to do it without even touching you."

"Oh, really?"

"Really.  I don’t want you touching yourself, either.  Come here."  He crawled on top of her, wrapping his fingers around her wrists, pulling them above her head.  He kissed her, and she opened her mouth to him, sucking his tongue in gently, moaning and writing catlike to push her hips up to his.  He wasn’t hard yet, but he felt himself stiffen.  "Ohh, I want to see you try, though."  With that he tied her wrists neatly to the bedframe and sat back on her thighs, rendering her immobile.  "I’m gonna tell you a story.  Let’s pretend we’re strangers, all right?"

"What do you mean?"

"It’s been a hot day.  You’re driving home from work.  You know how you get really horny a couple weeks before your period?  It’s that time of the month, and all day at work it’s been driving you nuts."


"You’ve been sitting in your cubicle, going nuts, wiggling in your chair, afraid to do anything else in case someone might catch you.  Oh, I can just picture you, sitting there with one shoe off and your foot underneath you, your heel pressed into your crotch as you rub quietly against it, anything for relief…"

"Oh god," she said, wiggling, but his weight kept her still.  He grinned.

"Exactly.  But now the day is over and you’re alone in your car, on the highway, and you can’t resist rubbing your crotch now, pressing on the seam of your jeans.  That just drives you crazier and you have to undo your belt and pull open your fly, reach in and rub your pussy through your wet panties…"  She moaned.  "Yeah.  Tell me what you do next."

"I… I rub my pussy… god, I have to get my fingers in there.  I reach below my panties, I rub my clit, oh GOD I want to rub my clit, please rub my clit…"

"Not yet.  I’m on the road, too, though.  I’m—a construction worker.  I’ve been working all day in the sun and all I want to do is go home, take a shower, drink a beer, jerk off…"

She giggled.

He grinned.  ”Yeah.  I’m in a pick-up truck.  I can see down into the other cars on the road, you know, people picking their noses, singing along to the radio…”

"Yeah, get on with it."

"Well, then I see this girl, this fucking drop-dead gorgeous girl in a little Honda Civic, and she’s—"

She wiggled again and groaned impatiently.

"And she’s real distracted, her eyes keep closing, her mouth’s this pretty little O… and then I realize she’s got one hand on the wheel and the other down her pants.  She’s touching herself right there on the highway.  As I watch she pulls her hand out, pushes it under her shirt and—" He grinned and suddenly pinched one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, then released it.  "Mmm, she does that, and her face does just what yours just did."

"I thought you weren’t going to touch me."

"I lied."

"Do it again."

"Nope.  I watch her tease herself.  She’ll rub her clit until she’s so close she’s rising out of her seat and then she’ll back off again.  It makes me hard just watching you."  He rubbed his own growing hardness through his jeans.  

"So what do you do?" she asked, breathy, eyeing that bulge.

"I unbutton my own fly and pull out my cock," he said, as he slowly did so, keeping eye contact and he ran his own finger along the underside of his now fully-erect dick.  "I can’t wait to get home and masturbate thinking about you, this beautiful stranger I watched touch herself in her car on the highway."  He wraps his hand around his cock and gives it one long pull.  "Mm, it’s so hot, watching this girl dip her finger into her wet pussy, watching her back arch, her free hand clench the steering wheel…"

Her hands clenched the air but could not wiggle free of their bonds.  ”Does she come?” she asked.

"Not yet.  ’Cause I get this idea.  I find some scrap paper and a pen on my passenger seat and I write—"  He leaned towards the desk next to the bed and found a scrap and a pen.  He wrote a quick note on one side, flipped it over and wrote another.  "I honk the horn and I hold it up—"  He held up the note.  It read, "DON’T COME YET."

She groaned and rolled her eyes, wiggling her thighs under his.  He let her thighs spread slightly but remained securely on top of them.  He flipped over the note—on the other side was a phone number.

"Do you call it?"

"No, I come first."  He raised his eyebrows.  "Of course I call it," she said.  "Goddamnit.

He sighed and rubbed his hard cock a few times for her benefit, raising on his hips to bring it towards her face, not close enough for her to touch.  ”Mmmm.  I watch you dial.  You bring your phone to your ear.  I answer.”  He leaned down to whisper in her ear.  ”Hello, beautiful.”  She moaned and opened her mouth.  ”You don’t have to speak,” he continued, watching her writhe beneath his hips.  ”You’ve said plenty already.  God, you’re gorgeous like that, your cheeks flushed, your hips bucking.  I’ve been watching you from up in my truck, watching you tease yourself.  You’re making me so horny, I’ve got my cock out, I’ve been stroking it and watching you.  I’m so hard for you right now, you sexy girl.”  He wrapped his hand around his cock and pulled at it, punctuating his speech with a moan.

"Oh god," she said, licking her lips.  He caught her earlobe between his teeth and sucked at it gently.  "So let’s play a game, okay?"

"What kind of game?"

"You’re gonna follow me home, stranger, and I’m gonna tease you."

"Oooh, ‘kay, how far away is home?  Can we hurry up?"  She strained against her bindings and tried to press her hips up against his cock.

"Oh, it’s a ways away yet, babe.  Put your cell on speakerphone and put it on the dashboard.  When I tell you so, you can touch yourself; when I tell you to stop, I want to see both hands on the wheel."

"You’re gonna untie me?"

"Stop breaking the narrative flow, baby.  Got the rules down?"

"Yeah, okay."  She wriggled.

"Good.  Touch yourself, beautiful."  Before she had a chance to ask how exactly she was supposed to do that when she was tied up and forbidden to do so anyway, he kissed her and slid a finger inside her wet pussy.  She gasped against his mouth and arched her back, and he pulled his finger out again, pulling her juices over her clit, eliciting small cries from her.  He kissed his way down to her chest, drawing first one nipple into his mouth, than the other, all the while swirling his fingertip over her clit.  He crouched between her legs and pushed his finger back inside her, then added another, fucking her gently with his fingers, before carefully touching the tip of his tongue to her clit, then circling it vigorously, sucking gently.  

She was moaning without pause now, her hands fruitlessly clutching air.  ”Oh—god—I’m gonna—”

He stopped abruptly.  ”I forgot the last rule,” he said, sitting up and hovering a wet fingertip over her clit, just barely touching it, no matter how she writhed.  ”Don’t come yet.”

She let out a groan of frustration.  ”Ooooh… but…”

"Oh, baby, you know you love it," he said, shoving a finger back inside her.  She arched and moaned affirmatively, but he removed his finger and sat back to watch her.  "Stop," he said, "hands on the wheel."

"You bastard," she said, but she was smiling.

"We’re almost there."

"Oh, good.  Ooh, please touch me… please…"

"Maybe when we get there.  In the meantime, touch yourself, baby.  Tell me what you’re doing to yourself, in your car, on the highway, you shameless hussy."

"Ooh… I’m… I’m rubbing my clit with one fingertip… tracing spirals over it… yeah… like that… harder… oh god.  I fuck myself with my finger, I push it into me as far as I can."  She closed her eyes and moaned as he did so.  "Yeah.  I pull it out and rub it over my clit again, newly coated with my juices, oh GOD it feels SO good, oh GOD oh my GOD—"

"Stop," he whispered, grinning as he withdrew his hand.  He sat back and watched her struggle and writhe.  His own cock was so hard, and he couldn’t resist giving it a squeeze as he watched her.  "This is my exit, sweetheart."

"You know I’d follow you anywhere," she breathed.

This had the effect she was looking for and he closed his eyes as his cock twitched in his hand.  ”I pull into my garage.  You park behind me and start to get out of the car, but I tell you to stay where you are before I hang up.”  He carefully zipped up his jeans again, untied her wrists and helped her to stand up.  He led her all the way through the house and out to the garage, where he opened the car door and sat her down in the driver’s seat of their car.  ”Right here.  Hands on the wheel.”  She put her hands on the wheel, her legs spread shamelessly wide, trying to rub herself against the seat.  ”Right.  Don’t touch yourself.”  

"Please let me touch myself, please let me come," she whined, wiggling on her seat while he rummaged on a shelf in the garage.  He turned towards her with some rope in his hands.  "Please," she said again, but he cut her off with a kiss.  She moaned and opened her mouth, inviting his tongue in, sliding hers against it.  He broke away and she remained open-mouthed, panting.

"Not yet," he said, lifting her hands from the wheel and moving them to the headrest behind her, carefully tying her wrists there with the rope he’d found.  "Now take deep breaths and hold on a minute.  I’ll be right back."

She moaned as he walked swiftly back into the house, pausing on his way to press the automatic garage door opener.  She watched in shock as the door opened, all but exposing her bound and naked body to the neighborhood.  Much to her surprise, she felt her pussy getting even wetter and she spread her legs wider, lifting her hips, wondering if anyone could see her, undersexed housewives and their boring husbands…  She was trying to maneuver herself over the gearshift nob when he returned, quickly pressing her back against her seat and pushing a finger into her dripping pussy.  ”Oh god!” she gasped, and he pulled it out again.  Then something larger and colder pressed against her pussy.  She lifted her hips, inviting it in.  ”Feel good?” he asked.

"Yes," she said.  "Please.  Fuck me…"

"Right here, right now, in view of the whole neighborhood?" he asked, feigning surprise.  

"Oh god, yes," she said, pressing herself against the dildo in his hand.  

He casually ground his knuckles against her clit.  ”Oh… not yet,” he said, absently stroking the dildo in and out of her pussy, slowly and strongly.  With his other hand he lowered the seat back so he could hover over her, and then unzipped his fly again and freed his cock, running his own fingertips along its length.  He was getting impatient himself, and the sight of her as she turned her head to look at his cock longingly, mouth open, made it twitch again.  ”Maybe later,” he said, thrusting the dildo into her one last time and turning a dial at its base.  She cried out—it was a vibrator.  She closed her eyes and writhed, tugging at her bound hands.  ”That feel good, beautiful?” he asked.  She nodded.  ”But you’re not gonna come yet, are you?”  She paused, then shook her head, whimpering.  ”Are you close?”  She nodded without hesitation.  

He nodded, one hand still stroking his own cock.  Leaning over her, he pinched a nipple.  She gasped, and he grinned, then squeezed the other, harder.  She moaned louder and he twisted it.  Her eyes, which had slid closed in appreciation, flew open and she stared up at him.  He smiled and leaned in to kiss her, pressing his cock against her belly as he did so.  He felt the vibrator with one hand, pushed it into her further and turned the dial up.  She groaned.  He broke the kiss and arched over her, positioning his cock in front of her mouth.  She took it into her mouth quickly and eagerly, sucking gently, moaning around it.  ”Now,” he said, “you can come when I do.”  She sucked with renewed vigor but his cock fell out of her mouth when he reached behind him and gently stroked her clit.  ”Come on,” he said with mock impatience, “make me come!”

He couldn’t help but chuckle as her cheeks flushed and she pulled his cock into her mouth again.  God it felt good in there, so hot and wet.  ”Mmm, yeah, that’s right, gorgeous,” he told her, his own eyes closing as she moaned around him, tiny cries escaping her mouth constantly, her hips bucking furiously against his lazy finger.  He wasn’t pressing hard enough to satisfy her—after all, he didn’t want her coming yet.  He wasn’t sure he wanted her coming at all.  It was too much fun watching her like this.  And so incredibly hot.  His own cock was harder than he imagined possible, and her mouth on it, her gentle sucking, her tongue caressing the glans and then wrapping around his shaft, moving up and down… god, he really was going to come.  That was okay, he decided.  He’d have plenty of time to get hard again, and it would drive her nuts.

"Yeah, baby, that’s right, suck on my hard cock.  Make me come, gorgeous," he said, all the while lessening his pressure on her clit.  He carefully dialed down the vibrator as she panted her protests around his cock, but her anger only made her suck with more vigor, and soon he abandoned her clit entirely to tangle his fingers in her hair.  "Oh god baby I’m coming, that feels aMAZing," he cried as he thrust into her mouth, and moaned as she sucked every drop of come from him.  When he slipped his cock out of her mouth she panted up at him.

"Please let me come now," she said.

"No," he said, stroking her hair, smiling.

"You promised!" she said.

He grinned.  ”I lied.”  He pushed the vibrator, which had slipped partway out of her, back into her pussy, and her eyes rolled back for a moment as she moaned.  

"You asshole," she managed to groan.  "I love you."

"I know," he said, holding a finger to her lips.  She closed her eyes and pulled it into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it.  He pulled it out and touched his wet fingertip to her clit, making her hips buck with just that simple light touch.  

He stepped back to survey the scene.  Her hips were shifted forward on the seat, her arms stretched above her, her back arched.  He skin was flushed and her mouth open, her face turned towards him, her eyes half-closed.  The vibrator shoved in her pussy buzzed, and one leg hung out the door.  ”You look positively delicious,” he told her.  

"Bite me," she said.

"Gladly," he replied with a grin, leaning over her to nip gently at her neck.  He straddled her and his cock, already stiffening again, rested between her breasts as he untied the knot that held her hands to the headrest.  He kept her wrists tied together but let them relax, and positioned them around his neck.  He pushed the vibrator into her once more and then pulled it out slowly, slowly, and replaced it with one finger, which he curved gently as he kissed her moaning mouth.  He stepped carefully out of the car, wrapped his free arm around her hips, and lifted her out with him.

"Where are we going now?" she asked between pants.

"Not very far," he said, setting her down on the hood of the car, which was pointed out of the garage.  He pushed her shoulders back against the windshield, spread her legs, and lowered himself between them, licking his lips.

"Oh my god!" she cried as she realized what he was doing.  A cool wind breezed over her body and her nipples hardened, made so sensitive by her arousal that the light breeze felt like a lover’s touch. His tongue flicked lightly against her clit, making her buck violently as he kissed her pussy, licking its soft and moist open lips and pushing his tongue inside of her gently. "Jesus CHRIST the whole NEIGHborhood can see—" she breathed. As her back arched, he licked upwards over her clit and circled it once with the tip of his tongue, cutting short her objections. The arousal behind the anxiety in her voice made his tired cock twitch with new life, and he smiled into her wet cunt, nipping oh-so gently at her clit. She tried to push herself down the car’s hood towards him, but he held her thighs securely. "I need you INSIDE me," she moaned, "I need your hard thick cock PLEASE I need SOMEthing…" 

He blew gently at her pussy and looked up at her. “Tell me about it, baby, tell me what you need,” he told her.

"I need you to FUCK me, I need you to fuck me so hard I SCREAM, I need you to fuck me so hard I scream so loud the whole neighborhood comes out to see what the fuss is, so hard they all come out to see you fucking me, to see your big hard cock pushing in and out of me and me taking it so good, oh god yes PLEASE please please PLEASE why aren’t you TOUCHing me why aren’t you FUCKING me oh god please…"

He stood back and watching her, his hardening cock jutting from his fly and twitching in response to her words. He held the vibrator in one hand, contemplative. “Put it in me please,” she begged. “Push it inside me and fuck me with it until you’re hard and then fuck me until I beg, fuck me until I can’t find words to beg, oh GOD I need it INSIDE me…”

He turned the vibrator on low and placed it against her vulva, gently. “Like this, baby?” he asked. With his other hand he lazily rubbed his growing cock. 

"Yes," she groaned, shoving herself towards the vibrator in his hand, impaling herself on it in one quick movement. "Yes!" she cried as he pushed it into her and cupped his palm around it, his fingertips slipping between her ass cheeks, his palm pressing against her pubic bone as she ground her clit against it. He knew she was right on the edge of orgasm and he wanted to keep her there as long as possible, so he moved his hand away and pulled the vibrator with it, slowly, before slowly pushing it back, fucking her gently with the plastic phallus while he stroked his own cock with the same rhythm.

She writhed on the car’s hood, yowling. “Harder MORE please please faster please, goddamnit, FUCK me, fuck me with your hard cock, I see it, I want it inside me, please…” But he continued to fuck her slowly with the vibrator as he ran his hand up and down his cock, which was, indeed, hard and ready. He enjoyed the feeling of readiness, of potency and power, that he got, standing in their open garage with his beautiful wife writhing in front of him begging to be filled with his cock in sight of all their neighbors. He could do this for hours, he thought, as he watched her back arch. 

He let go of his cock for a moment to run his hand up her belly to her breasts; he took each one in his hand in turn and squeezed it gently, then pinched a nipple between his fingers as he pushed the vibrator into her dripping pussy one more time. The look on her face as her eyes widened made his cock jump. On second thought, maybe it was time to fuck her, he thought. Rubbing her nipple gently, and then roughly, between his thumb and finger, he pulled the vibrator slowly, slowly, all the way out of her pussy, and positioned himself between her legs. He kept hold of his cock, keeping her from slipping onto it no matter how she struggled to do just that, and instead rubbed it gently against her clit, smearing her juices over it and over the head of his cock. 

Her begging by now was a string of panted yeses and pleases, “yes yes please yes please please yes yes…” as he slipped the head of his hard cock past her labia and took hold of her hips firmly, holding her in place against the car hood as he waited a moment, adjusting to the sensation of being even slightly inside her. He took a deep breath and pushed all the way in — “please please yes yes YES FUCK YES YES” — and then began to fuck her, slowly at first and then with more urgency, building towards his second orgasm as hers began and intensified. He grabbed the vibrator and held it against her clit as he pushed in and out of her with ferocity, and she took it from him and ground her clit into it, riding the waves of her orgasm. With a moan he came, too, arching his back and thrusting his hips into her again and again as she rose to meet him.

Gradually their rhythm slowed, and at last, spent, he leaned into her, resting his head on her chest, his cock softening inside her. She put her arms, her wrists still bound, over his shoulders and played with the hair at the nape of his neck, sighing. “That was nice. Thanks, baby. I love you.”

"I know," he said, smiling.